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As well as the fantastic experience of sailing on the water, the Danish estuary landscape offers a lot of things to enjoy on land – from castles, churches, museums, farm shops, art and galleries to golf, beach volleyball, shopping, restaurants, inns, cafés, festivals, wellness centres, amusement parks, etc. In addition, you can enjoy the wonders of the natural world right in front of – quite free – including beautiful beaches and woods, wonderful fishing opportunities, and a very rich birdlife.

For cyclists and hikers who love nature, there are magnificent opportunities to combine cycling or hiking with a boating holiday. The Fjord Path around Roskilde Fjord and the Isefjord guarantees that you are often in close contact with the estuaries, where you can see the water, enjoy the aromas and feel the breeze. The path follows ancient field and forest paths, but there are also several new sections. You can see a map of the path round the estuaries at

If you want to fish with a rod, you must buy a fishing licence – for a day, a week or a year. Go to and buy your licence before you start fishing.

When you arrive at your boat, it will have a brochure and other material showing you all the things you can enjoy. On the left, there are links to various websites that describe attractions and sights in the whole area.

Have a good time!