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When you have received an e-mail confirming your reservation, you must pay 1.rate of EUR 530,- within four days, so your reservation is valid and binding. The remainder must be paid six weeks before your departure date at the latest. You lose both your deposit and your reservation, if you do not observe the payment deadlines.


When cancelling a lease between 30 days and 15 days before arrival, 50% of the lease sum will be refunded. If you cancel less than 15 days before the arrival date, nothing will be refunded.


When booking a stay, we recommend taking out cancellation protection. This ensures that if you cancel or interrupt your stay due to acute illness, accident or death that affects the lessee, partner, children, parents or siblings, the lease sum will be refunded.

Cancellation protection costs 5% of the lease sum and must be ordered along with the accommodation. The reason for cancelling/interrupting the stay must be documented by a doctor, and a doctor’s note must reach Lalandia within 7 days of cancellation/interruption of the stay. If cancellation protection has been taken out and your stay is interrupted, the appropriate proportion of the remaining sum will be refunded.


The boats have third-party liability insurance, but there is an own-risk excess. As the hirer of the boat, you must pay deposit EUR 670,-on your day of departure at the latest. This amount will be returned to you within two bank days after the return of the boat. You will be liable to pay the own-risk excess should equipment be missing from the boat or should you cause damage to your boat or other boats during your rental period.

Please note that FJORDLAND does not permit you to sail outside the estuaries or at night; nor is tug assistance allowed. You are always welcome to contact FJORDLAND should you need assistance and help. FJORDLAND must always be contacted in the event of defects, shortcomings or damage. The hirer may only carry out repairs after agreement with FJORDLAND. No complaints or claims will be accepted later if FJORDLAND was not informed at the time the defect, shortcoming or damage occurred. The own-risk excess will be used if the boat is returned with defects or damage, or if there is an accident involving a third party.


The boats are to be cleaned before they are returned. This means that everything in the boat tidy; all rubbish must be removed; all floors inside and outside the boat must be washed; and all crockery must be washed up and put in place. If you prefer not to spend your holiday time on cleaning, you can pay us EUR 68,-and simply tidy up and wash up.


We will ensure that the boats diesel tank is filled up when you depart. When full, the 85-litre tank is normally enough for a weeks fuel consumption. You pay for the fuel you have used when your return the boat,it will be deducted from your own-risk excess, if this has not been used, or you can pay in cash or by credit card.


Being mobile when you moor at a harbour can be very nice and convenient whether simply for buying supplies or for getting to sights in the towns you visit. Most harbours offer bicycle hire, we will be happy to help you finding theese harbours.


While grilling your food on the outdoor terrace or a beach can be nice, we do not want our guests to use charcoal grills because of the risk of starting fires. Instead, you can bring your own gas grill or hire one from us for EUR 15,- including one bottle of gas. Just tell us you want a gas grill by the day before you depart. FJORDLAND does not accept pets on board. If you violate this rule, you will lose your own-risk excess.


Check in is on Saturdays between 1 pm and 4 pm. You will be informed at least a week before departure of the precise time for your check in. First, the relevant papers must be checked and any additional payments made. Then we will give you thorough instruction in how to use all the facilities on board the boat, and of course very thorough instruction in how to manoeuvre the boat, in the use of the safety equipment, and in the rules of navigation. Nobody will send off until they feel quite confident about all this. Should you be unexpectedly delayed on your way to the check in, please ring FJORDLAND on (+45) 22 42 60 68 as soon as you can.
The boat must be returned, cleaned, on the Saturday agreed by 10 am at the latest. The boat will be inspected by FJORDLAND and fuel, own-risk excess, etc. will be calculated and paid. Late delivery incurs a charge of EUR 70,-to be paid on the spot.


The boats are equipped with kitchenware, tableware, quilts and pillows.
You must bring your own linen, sheets, towels, supplies and other personal matters.
We will send you a checklist at least 2 weeks before departure.


There is free parking at both Roskilde and Holbæk. If you want your car transported from your departure point to your arrival point, this can be arranged. You fill out a form and sign it before departure. This service costs EUR 40,- payable at the latest the day before your departure.


All our guests will receive their travel documents, and guidelines to read with tips for a good trip in good time before their departure.


FJORDLAND reserves the right to make a charge of EUR 30,-under the following circumstances:

– If you arrive late for your check in without informing FJORDLAND of the delay.
– If you change the rental agreement.
– If the boat has not been cleaned adequately when you return it.


FJORDLAND reserves the right to make changes in your boating holiday due to circumstances outside our control, e.g. bad weather, or force majeure. FJORDLAND is not liable to pay compensation in these circumstances.