Navigation: The boats




Our boats are newly-built, modern motorboats. They are 9.50 m long and 2.98 m wide. The boats have a draught of 45 cm, which is not very much and allows you to get very close to land if you are careful. The motor is of the inboard type and is rated at 30 HP, so you can easily travel the whole length of the Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord, in either direction, in one week.

The boats are well laid out and have the latest navigation and sonar equipment, as well as all the necessary safety equipment.
The boats have six berths, a kitchen (galley) with refrigerator, two cooking burners and a sink, a toilet with shower, WC and hand basin, and a dining area with TV and radio.

Both internally and externally, the boats are very flexibly laid out. The outdoor “terrace” can be open to the sun or in full shade, and can provide shelter from the rain or wind – in brief, the boat is ideal for all weather conditions. You can have a sundeck on the cabin roof when the cover is moved over the “terrace” – and using the boat’s mattresses and cup-holders you can create our own private sundeck!



The boats can be hired for whole weeks in the period 1 May to 30 September.
It is also possible to hire a boat before May or after September, according to your individual needs – go fishing for three or four days with friends, or what about a family lunch out on the water, with a private skipper? There are many possibilities. Contact us for further information.
You need neither a certificate not training before you can hire and sail this type of boat – but we will give you comprehensive individual instruction and an introduction to the boats, the common navigation rules and the geographical area.
Departures and returns take place at the two largest harbours, Roskilde and Holbæk.
Roskilde Fjord and the Isefjord have a total of 22 harbours, and it is entirely up to you where you put in for the night – all the harbour dues are included in the total hire price.
The boats have diesel engines that consume 2-4 litres an hour. You pay for your fuel consumption at the end of your hire period.
You can also hire cycles and a gas grill. You can pay us to carry out the end-of-hire cleaning, instead of doing it yourself, and if you need to have your car moved from your departure location to your return location, you can also pay us to do that. There is more information at PRICES and FAQ.

Photos of the boats